Thank you so much for your wonderful website. There are a ton of resources and it is genuinely appreciated that they are all located in one place.

I am hoping that you can assist us. We know through psychological testing (school and private) that our daughter has dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD, working memory and executive functioning challenges. The last time she was tested was in 2015 as a 6th grader. Since that time, we have pulled her out of public school in favor of homeschooling as we did not feel that her needs were being met. Now she is a 9th grader and we need to start considering accommodations for high stakes testing. We have a son in public school who received accommodations as he also has a similar range of learning differences; but because he is in public school, it is a bit easier to navigate. Do you have experience with obtaining accommodations for children with learning differences that are homeschooled? If you have any idea of where we might start to address this issue it would be sincerely appreciated.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

You are correct—the College Board will want updated testing to grant her accommodations. I am not familiar with the law or practices relative to your question. I tried to search for some answers, because it seems to me a viable option would be for the school district to re-test her at no cost to you.

On the Coalition for Responsible Home Education website, I found this:

"IDEA requires public schools to identify, locate, and evaluate children with special needs, whether or not they attend public school. This means that public schools are universally required to offer free evaluations to homeschooled students suspected of having special needs."

You could also have a private psychologist evaluate her, but that will, of course, be an out-of-pocket expense.

You might also want to put your question out to a homeschooling listserv. Someone may have had a similar need and have some ideas for you.