Dr. Pierson, what can I do to improve my short term memory? Further how can I improve concentration so as to be more diligent in my professional cyclic career. Open offices are really a challenge for me.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

Relative to short-term memory and concentration -- these fall under executive functioning skills and I have a lot of information on that topic here.

Many dyslexics find it helpful to use visual imagery to help them remember things. For example, you envision rooms in your home and then envision the things that you need to remember as you walk through your home. Personally, I am a list person and write things down when I need to remember them (I am not dyslexic). Utilizing a speech-to text app on your phone to state what you need to remember might help and then play it back using text-to-speech.

Relative to open office spaces, without disclosing your disability to your employer there is no reason for him/her to provide you with accommodations, to which you are entitled through the ADA. You can read more here.

My friend and DyslexiaHelp contributor, Dr. Michael Ryan, who is dyslexic, has some good advice (regardless of your age) in his Letters to the Young Dyslexic.He writes about a lot of topics, but this piece discussses when/whether to disclose. Only you can decide whether or not to discuss your challenges with an employer. The bit of advice I would offer is it may behoove you to discuss this with your direct supervisor should you think that your current work environment could result in a negative performance on your part. Then, rather than risk potentially getting passed up for a promotion, or worse yet, losing your job, it might be wise to disclose before that situation might arise.