I have a 9-year-old son who is twice exceptional. His IQ score is in the superior range, and he also has received the diagnosis of dyslexia from a licensed child psychologist. Recently, it was suggested that we have him evaluated for APD. The score report showed several areas of pretty significantly abnormal scores in "temporal processing tests" and "Dichotic Speech Tests.”

My question is this: is the APD diagnosis further evidence of his dyslexia or is APD a secondary condition that could occur independently of his dyslexia?

I appreciate your insights on this.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

Understood.org has a couple of pieces that, I think, will help answer your question: The Difference Between Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Disorder and Does Auditory Processing Disorder Cause Dyslexia?

One of these pieces was written by Dr. Guinevere Eden; and she reviewed the other one. She is highly regarded and I respect her work a lot.

Your best bet, relative to intervention, is to continue (I'm assuming) with a Structured Literacy approach.

I hope this answers your question.