My brother is 19 years old and has dyslexia. He didn’t finish his schooling and is studying an animation course. He is doing well now but is having trouble reading.

Could you please suggest some books or send some books or CDs so that his reading can improve? It would be very helpful.

Thank you so much in advance.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

One of the best books about dyslexia written for families is Dr. Sally Shaywitz's book Overcoming Dyslexia. She writes about all the different aspects of dyslexia and ways to treat it. I recommend getting a copy. Your public library should have one.

One thing I would recommend is that your brother use audiobooks or text-to-speech software so that he can have text read aloud. I have some programs here.

DyslexiaHelp recently partnered with Penguin Random House Audiobooks and you can receive up to 3 audiobooks free! I recommend that you and your brother review the list and choose those books that are of interest to him. Even if the books are not in animation, the more one reads, the better a reader one becomes. He could follow along with the text and he listens.

There is so much to dyslexia. If your brother can get a good assessment that will help you know what to focus on to help him.

He is lucky to have you advocating for him. Many successful dyslexics talk about the one person who believed in them -- and who was key to their success!