What books are age-appropriate for explaining to elementary schoolers that accommodations are essential to help them be successful at school with dealing with dyslexia?

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

To my knowledge, there are not a lot of books that explain dyslexia at the level appropriate for young students. One book that I recommend parents read with their older child is A Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. (I have had some parents read it with children as young as 2nd grade.) Although this book does not discuss dyslexia per se, it is a story about a 6th-grade student and her life before and after a teacher figures out that she has a reading disorder. It is very well written and paints both the challenges that a bright student who cannot read faces in the classroom and life, as well as the transformation that can occur when her learning needs are met and her strengths are celebrated. Depending on your child’s understanding and experiences of his/her dyslexia, you might want to read it first. The book has been known to bring up issues for students, even those who have been identified and getting services. It goes to show how challenging living with dyslexia can be for a student. I recommend that parents buy this book for their children's teachers every year. I have found that many teachers read it with their students, which I think is an excellent idea.