I have a question that I am hoping the experts can help me with!

I am in the same position of enjoying the CTOPP-2 and wishing there were another form. How long should you wait between administrations? I am not finding anything in the manual other than the test/retest reliability was done between 1 and 2 weeks (and reliability was still high). I need to do an evaluation to measure progress. A private evaluator gave the CTOPP-2 in August 2017, which is the tool that I have available to me in my setting. Is 8 months of time between sufficient?

I really value your website. Thanks for the information you make available.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

Thank you for your kind words about DyslexiaHelp.

Given that the CTOPP-2 is standardized, the same rules that we learned in graduate school in our test administration course apply -- 1 year between administration. (I agree that I wish the CTOPP-2 had a 2nd form.) At my private practice if we cannot administer the CTOPP-2, we may use the LAC-3, although it only covers phonological awareness (not phonological memory or rapid naming like the CTOPP-2). We also may use subtests from the Woodcock-Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery. The CELF-4 measured phonological awareness. I am not sure why they removed those subtests from the CELF-5.

If you have no alternative, then you could administer the CTOPP-2 with a CAVEAT* reported (i.e., *These results represent a re-administration after 8 months) to let the reader know that you deviated from the standardized administration.

As you know, it is critical that a diagnostician uses standardized tests in the manner in which they were standardized...So, I think, if you have no alternative, then clarify the alternative administration.