I am a college graduate and really struggled my last year with large amounts of reading and timed exams.

As I have gotten older, I have become interested in going back to school for my MBA. However, the GMAT required for admission is timed and I am currently testing terribly. I need to address my slow reading skills and work daily to improve them and become more of a seasoned reader. I ultimately would like to get into a dyslexia program that focuses on improving my reading speed and comprehension.

Any and all suggestions on companies and programs that have great proven results would be appreciated. I need to build my reading skills and get my intellectual confidence back up. I am really beginning to doubt myself a lot these days. This dyslexia is really messing with my confidence and ultimately my livelihood.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

Quite honestly, it can be challenging to find someone who has experience with adults. You can access the provider list for your state on the International Dyslexia Association’s website. You will want to be sure to ask the provider as to his/her credentials and experience working with adults.

You should know that the literature discusses the challenges that dyslexics have with speed when they read. Slow reading rate tends to persist. Many successful adults with dyslexia continue to say that they are slow readers. Where dyslexics can make changes, though, is in reading efficiency. Learning effective reading strategies helps with comprehension. Knowing your purpose for reading, to actively check in while reading, knowing how to ask question to improve comprehension, to name a few strategies have been shown to be effective at improving reading comprehension. Armed with effective strategies can help you become more efficient at reading and studying.

If you think you would qualify for additional time on standardized tests, you will need a relatively recent assessment (typically, within 3 years) from a psychologist to present to the College Board for accommodations. Typically, individuals can get up to time and a half.

You should not give up your dream of pursuing that MBA!!