Hello. I just wanted some help and support. I am dyslexic but I can't help but want to write books but because my mind just gets sidetracked and I find it hard to concentrate it is really hard. At the moment I'm writing a book called Antonio. I've only written a chapter but my spelling and grammar is bad. I just can't get out the story in my head onto paper there was an agency in America who wanted to sign me for my book but they wanted 20% of whatever I earned didn't know if this was right so I didn't sign. I can't stop daydreaming and going into my own world and I can't talk out loud to people either. I find it hard and I avoid phoning people I just text. Is there any help out there for me? I've heard you can put different color shades in glasses but does it work? My confidence is so low and my self-esteem. I really want to be an author I need to get my ideas out. It’s like there is a brick wall and I need help breaking this wall down. I live in England is there any help in my area?


Dr. Pierson's Response: 

First of all, I applaud your desire to write a book and it is good news that a publisher is interested. Many people never reach that stage, I understand. I also understand how you would not want to give a large portion of the profits away, which is probably why many people opt to self-publish. You may want to check around to see what the going rate is for publishers' efforts.

Relative to helping you with your organizational skills and getting your thoughts on paper, you might want to try using a graphic organizer such as Inspiration and/or a speech-to-text program such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. We have information on our Software & Assistive Technology page under Writing and Spelling Software.

Relative to the colored shades, there is no research to support that these aid in improving reading skills, so I would not recommend these.

I have found in my work with kids that a colored overlay like a ruler (VERY low cost) can help them stay on the line while reading and not lose their place, but to improve reading skills, one needs direct strategy instruction from someone skilled in teaching reading, spelling, and writing.

It might be helpful for you to work with a professional to work on the above challenges, as well as your communication needs. I also recommend reading Dr. Michael Ryan's Letters to a Young Dyslexic. Dr. Ryan is a psychologist who is dyslexic himself. He has some helpful tips for living life with dyslexia. He does say that many times it requires perseverance, so don't give up! Your success will be an inspiration to others.