I am writing this to ask you if there is anywhere that I could go to and find examples of dyslexia IEP’s that I could review? My daughter was first diagnosed with dyslexia when she was 5. She is now 14. I don’t feel she is getting what she needs as she is going into the 8th grade and is only on a first grade reading level. I have spent a lot of money out-of-pocket to get some additional help over the summer to see if it would help her. I am just looking for some guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

Indeed, if your daughter is not making progress then her goals may not be on target and/or the approaches being used to teach her are not what she needs.

I did a search and found no IEPs, since those would be confidential and I didn't really see any "samples." I did find some links that may be helpful. This document from Learning Ally and The IEP Process.

This is a very good organization that helps with advocacy, etc.

You might also want to search Decoding Dyslexia (DD) for your State on Facebook. DD is a grassroots group started by parents that is all about advocacy and changing legislation. Someone there might have some guidance.

Last, do you have Sally Shaywitz's book Overcoming Dyslexia? I highly recommend it as it is written for parents. It will provide you with guidance as to what your daughter needs.