If one is Left-handed, but made to be Right, does that complicate this condition? My only child is Left handed, my brother is, and I was the 1st born in a large family- in the early 50's. thank goodness for spell check right click...


Dr. Pierson's Response: 

The core issue with dyslexia is not in writing the letters or in the mechanics of writing (although dyslexics can have problems with written expression). Dyslexia is a difficulty in processing the underlying phonological (sound) components of our language. In other words, children with dyslexia have a difficult time hearing the sounds in words and then learning the letters (and letter combinations) that correspond to those sounds.

I am not familiar with the literature on dyslexia relative to left-handed people being forced to use their non-dominant hand for writing and how that affected learning to decode. There is mention of the left-handed issue on Wikipedia, but there is no citation.

I believe that it is now passe and educators are no longer forcing children to change hands. I would think that it would complicate how easily one learned to write the letters of the alphabet. Being right-handed, I’ve had no experience with that. I am sorry that I could not be more helpful on this topic.