My daughter is very smart. Her school knows nothing about dyslexia, she's shutting down and the school just says they know what they are doing. Obviously not, she needs one on one tutoring. Please help me, we can't even communicate with each other sometimes.


Dr. Pierson's Response: 

One of the leading researchers in the country is at the University of Washington, Dr. Virginia Berninger. Her email is on this page. I think it would be worth your time to at least email her and see if she has suggestions of what may be helpful. She would know what's around your area better than I would.

There are a few other organizations to inquire about getting help. One is the International Dyslexia Association's Washington chapter. Another is the Learning Disabilities Association in your state.

And, most importantly—continue to persevere with your daughter! I know the struggle you are going through. Look for some of the suggestions on DyslexiaHelp—software and apps—to help her. She should definitely have text-to-speech software so that she can hear text being read while she follows along. Have you given her teachers the link to DyslexiaHelp?

Definitely contact Dr. Beninger.