Hello, my son is entering his senior year in high school. He received a low score on his ACT exam on his second official try. We will continue to work with him and to have him retake the test over the next year. How does a student with a 3.2 GPA and a 17 overall score for the ACT exam ever fulfill the dream of attending a school like U of M?
Dr. Pierson's Response: 
I checked with Dr. Stuart Segal who is the director of the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities at UM for some options for you, as I'm not too familiar with them. Dr. Segal suggested that if, when you say your son is a minority, he is a person of color, you will want to definitely let the University know because of the University's diversity commitment. The second suggestion that other students have done is to go to another college for a year, get a 3.0 GPA, and then transfer in. Dr. Segal said it's much easier to transfer into the University than to come directly from high school. I hope that is helpful.