I have an eight year old daughter with dyslexia. I am trying to get some advice on software or books and teaching materials to help her at home. I found the Nessy software and the reviews seem to be good.

I would like to get the absolute best program even if it a professional version. Is there any advice you can give me...or point me towards someone who could help me set up a home program for her?

Dr. Pierson's Response: 
Well, it's difficult to say what program would be best without knowing your daughter's pattern of strengths and weaknesses. I think the first order of business is to get a good, comprehensive assessment of your daughter's skills so that you are targeting what she needs and not wasting energy and time on areas that she doesn't need help in.

Here is also a bit about intervention with lots more under subsequent tabs.

All that said, a program that was designed for parents is the Barton Program (although it is rather expensive). But it will take you step-by-step relative to teaching her.

I've got a number of programs here. The Sonday Program, Wilson Reading System, and Spell-links are highly regarded as well. I also recommend Marcia Henry's Words, which is an inexpensive book with activities for teaching.

Relative to assistive technology -- I've a lot of stuff here. Again, without knowing your daughter's needs, it's difficult to point you to anything specific. Typically, though, dyslexic kids always benefit from learning to use text-to-speech software and to dictate into speech-to-text software. And there are a lot of apps .

I recommend that parents read Sally Shaywitz's book Overcoming Dyslexia. Despite its 2003 publication date, it remains very current relative to understanding dyslexia, and importantly, what to do to help your child. I also recommend connecting with a professional with expertise and experience in dyslexia intervention to help guide you.