My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was in fifth grade, she is now 19 and taking classes in community college, but she is still struggling in math. She always complains that the class goes too fast and that she can’t keep up. In other classes she is doing a better job. I do not know how I can help her be a success and follow her dreams. What can I do? Thank you so much for your attention.
Dr. Pierson's Response: 
Here are some suggestions --
1) If she is having difficulty taking notes in class, she might benefit from a LiveScribe pen, which records as one takes notes. She could then go back later and replay the lecture.
She might also ask to get the teacher’s notes or those of a fellow students.

2.) Is there support for her at the community college to get accommodations so that she could take untimed tests? I've got suggestions here

3) She might benefit from a math tutor to help her with both the content and test preparation.

4) She should read the stories of Successful Dyslexics, particularly Shaun Sanders, on DyslexiaHelp.

5) She might need more than a tutor to help her with strategies for studying and comprehension -- here is the list of providers for CA

6) Last, here is just some information on math. Although it's written for a professional, you/she might find it helpful --