I ran across your website and wanted to ask you for some advice. I recently met with my niece who is almost 30 years old and she told me she has never finished a book and she thinks she is dyslexic. She has graduated with a double major for her undergraduate degree. At this time she is working a minimum paying job and not in her area of study. I wanted to send her a young adult book in an area she is interested in and encourage her to read it and we can talk about it when she is finished. I do not think she has medical insurance. What do you think?

Dr. Pierson's Response: 

I think if your niece is amenable to the idea, it’s a great idea to read a novel "together.” You could get an idea of her interests and then pick something that she might enjoy.

It might be most helpful to your niece, given her reading challenges, if you get her an audiobook that she could download and listen to while she reads. I just wrote this piece for DyslexiaHelp about this very topic.

And, we recently launched a partnership with Penguin House Audio Books where DyslexiaHelp users can get up to 3 audio CDs for free! You could send her a hard copy of the book that she then could read along with as she listens to the text.

We know that the more one reads, the better reader one becomes. And, reading is key to improving vocabulary and learning more literate forms of language, which we can do at any age. She is lucky to have you interested in her and wanting to foster an interest in reading.

Good luck!