I am wondering how I can get tested to see if I have dyslexia? At almost 55 years old, I think I am dyslexic but I am not sure.


Dr. Pierson's Response: 

The challenge with getting tested as an adult is many of the tests are not normed for adults. There are some, though, and we can certainly use some tests that go up to 21 and 24 years of age to help make a determination of dyslexia. The first question to be answered is, what is your purpose for being evaluated? If it is strictly for information for yourself and to get some therapy, that is easier because we can use informal assessments and those that are not normed for your age. If it is because, say, you want accommodations from your employer (although some employers might just give the accommodations based on your word) that is more challenging. We will need to use standardized assessments normed for your age, of which there are fewer informative ones. A good professional will be able to guide and help you regardless of your need.

You will specifically want someone who has skills in evaluating adults, which can be a challenge to find, but if you ask the right questions, hopefully you can find that person. I would familiarize yourself with this information so you know what the person should be looking at in order to make a diagnosis. We've got information about tests here, too.

I typically refer people to the IDA provider list for their state. If you can't find someone in your community, I'd call someone nearby, given that not everyone puts themselves on this list, and ask for a referral. You might also inquire at a college or university nearby that has a learning disabilities or psychology program.