January 2017

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Fry Words

The application, Fry Words, uses Dr. Edward Fry’s 1000 high frequency sight words to create games and quizzes that teach young children the 1000 most frequent words they will encounter in grades 3-9

Working Memory Training Does Not Improve Performance on Measures of Intelligence or Other Measures of “Far Transfer”

A recent study contradicts previous claims that working memory training effectively benefits the participants.

Tech: “Reading the situation: The relationship between dyslexia and situational awareness for road sign information”

A recent study by Taylor et al. published in the Transportation Research Part F Traffic Psychology and Behavior journal(January 2016 36:6-16) suggests that novice drivers with dyslexia have extra reason to be cautious.

Action Words

Action Words is an application for iPhone and iPad that teaches beginner readers over 100 action words using real photographs to increase their early vocabulary and improve their writing skills.