Does the Dyslexie Font Help Dyslexic Readers?

This research looks into the effects on reading of using the Dyslexie font compared to mainstream fonts, and uncovers the reality of specialized fonts such as Dyslexie.

Brain Training for ADHD

LD Navigator

LD Navigator is a clinical tool designed for healthcare professionals to help them gain a better understanding of learning disabilities to be used in their practice.

Story Time from Space

Has your child ever dreamed of going to space? An online-based project called Storytime from Space lets kids get an inside look at what it’s like inside the International Space Station while also building literacy skills.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics: Geraldine’s House

YouTube legend and global icon Geraldine the Giraffe makes an appearance in the phonics app Mr. Thorne Does Phonics: Geraldine’s House.