A musical theater actor born in 1964, Brad Little has had the chance to play some amazing roles throughout his career on broadway. Most known for his role as the “phantom” in Phantom of the Opera, Little would have never guessed he would be where he is today when he was younger. As a child, he didn’t feel comfortable talking to people, didn’t feel smart, and didn’t read - although he now has to read scripts frequently for productions that he’s in. However, Little grew up surrounded by theater. His dad acted in numerous musicals and both his sister and brother went to college as theater majors, while he had dreams of playing basketball. Ironically, he is the only member of the family who is in now in show business. Little did not attend college because his test scores were not high enough, despite his high GPA. He says that the role as “phantom” was his dream job, and loves the passion and romance of his role. He talk about his first time seeing Phantom in an interview, “When I saw Michael Crawford on Broadway I just cried and cried because it brought back so many childhood nightmares. I relived so many things I went through as a child, as far people not understanding dyslexia and having a complete disregard for it… .” He joined Phantom of the Opera in 1988 and got the role as Phantom in 1994, which he still performs as today.

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