Christopher Lowell has worn a variety of hats in his career, simultaneously being an interior decorator and a well-known television personality on the Discovery Channel. Throughout his career, he has dedicated his efforts to encouraging his audience to cultivate their inner creativity and live a fulfilling life. Lowell has severe dyslexia that went undiagnosed until his junior year of high school.

Born in 1955, he first appeared on TV in 1997 as the host of a show called “Interior Motives,” which was all about motivating people to use their personal creativity to reinvent their home spaces. Following its success, Lowell went on to host the “Christopher Lowell Show” which won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2000. After resigning from the television business, Lowell has taken the time to rethink his lifestyle choices and those around him, represented in his latest project, RightSizeUP!. This is Lowell’s 7th book, which focuses on intentional living and the evolving American lifestyle. Overall, Lowell has used his internal creativity to leave an impact on his audience and encourage them to live the best life possible through creativity, mindfulness, and intention.

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