Chuck Lotta, also referred to as “Professor” by the people who have seen his work at the annual festival known as Burning Man, has created a life for himself around the element of fire. From a young age, he was always mesmerized by fire with its capacity to transform and be transformed for artistic creations. When he was in school, he was told he could not create a career out of this passion, so he decided to pursue other things. Lotta was an actor until the end of his 40s, when he decided that he was no longer happy with acting and decided to make a change in his life. Now, he considers himself an inventor with a mind for problem solving. He struggled in school and was never a good student, until his girlfriend at the time made him realize his problems might be coming from dyslexia. He says, “From that time on I stopped getting C's and B's and started getting A's because I had identified where the stumbling block was. My comprehension of information got better, my retention got better, I ended up graduating on the Dean’s list, but more than anything, it connected the dots together of other puzzling aspects of my life.” His dyslexia allows him to view the world differently than most, evident in his creativity and passion.

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