David Flink is the co-founder of the organization Eye to Eye, and has accomplished so much since its inception in 1998. While a student at Brown University, Flink developed this empowering organization that would turn into his life career. As a young student, he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD and felt discouraged that he did not have any role models who shared these experiences. Now, Eye to Eye is a national mentoring organization that prides itself in being the only one that is run by those who have dyslexia and other learning disabilities. From this, the overall goal is to give students a mentor who knows what it’s like living with a learning disability- something that Flink never had. He states, “We are ambassadors of what is possible for students and young adults who learn differently, since we have walked in their shoes and can now effectively and uniquely pass on what we have learned to make their journeys smoother and filled with success.”

Although he struggled throughout his early schooling, Flink went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in education and psychology from Brown University and a master’s degree in disability studies from Columbia University. Not only does he do work within his organization, but he also sits on 3 national nonprofit boards and wrote a book addressing the needs of students with learning disabilities. His book, Thinking Differently, seeks to broaden the understanding of how we look at learning disabilities and proposes ways to support the 20% of students who live with a learning disability.

Read more about David Flink and how you can get in contact with him on his website. Also, explore the Eye to Eye website to learn more about the organization that is changing students’ lives.

David Flink will be speaking on November 11, 2017 at the IDA conference in Atlanta, GA. His talk is titled Thinking Differently: Reframing Learning for a New Generation.