Ethan Linkner is a entrepreneur focused on Corporate and K12 educational technologies. He co-founded and grew LearnCore for 7 years and then sold it to Showpad, the leader in sales enablement. He also sits on the board of Screencastify.

Ethan was diagnosed with dyslexia in 6th grade--but his reading difficulties were apparent much earlier. He remembers the deep stress when it was his turn to read aloud in front of his class. He often counted ahead to his paragraph to practice it over-and -over before it was his turn to go. Luckily, he had great teachers and determined parents who didn't give up on him. His mom always said, "You can do everything the other kids can do, but your homework will take you longer than the other kids to complete." With a lot of hard work, disciplined time management, and appropriate accommodations, Ethan graduated high school with honors and attended the University of Michigan where he earned his BA in Psychology.

Today, Ethan still uses many of the coping techniques that he learned in grade school. He still reads slowly and often multiple times before "it clicks." And despite his success, he is a horrible speller. Outside of work, Ethan enjoys spending time with his wife and two little kids and being a mentor to his nephew, who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia too.