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Giving Blueday is the perfect day
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On December 1, the University of Michigan will once again host Giving Blueday, a 24-hour, university-wide day of giving to coincide with Giving Tuesday. Giving Blueday is a day for anyone who loves the University of Michigan.

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DyslexiaHelp is needed more now than ever. It is estimated that between 5 percent and 10 percent of the population is dyslexic and, as you may know, academic services are diminishing. As a result of not being properly identified, some of these very bright students often think of themselves as “stupid.” Below is just one example:

“I’m looking for help to answer questions regarding my ability to read and comprehend what I’m reading. I left school when I was 15 – I always thought I was just dumb or stupid. Now that I’m older I realize I had a learning disability. I’m probably dyslexic and I’m just looking for answers and maybe some proof. I’d like to go college, but I’m very worried that I’ll end up in the same situation I was in at high school. If there’s anything or any information that may be able to help me I would greatly appreciate it.” – Mathew R.

Through U-M’s DyslexiaHelp, Dr. Joanne Pierson (MS ’85, PhD ’99) personally responds to every email inquiry such as the one above. She ensures that the website connects users to current research findings, provides insights to design best-practice intervention methods, and helps individuals touched by dyslexia to gain new understanding into the disability.