Award-winning designer Henry Franks has found great success by incorporating his dyslexia into his work.

Born in 1989 in Oxford, England, Franks has spent much of his life in the United Kingdom. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 3D Design from Northumbria University and his Master’s degree in Design Products from Royal College of Art. In 2013, Franks won a New Designer of the Year award for his work. One of his most widely recognized projects is “Dyslexia Objects,” a series of remodeled household items intended to cater to the dyslexic mind. He says that he was inspired by his own dyslexic mind, which actually allowed him to design these dyslexic-friendly items because he is able to think outside of the box. As a result, he was able to put a dyslexic perspective on things like mugs, pencil holders, and coat hangers. Aside from his personal projects, Franks works as Director at a design consultancy.

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