Children’s author and playwright, Jane Elson, did not imagine herself as a writer when she was a kid. Suffering from undiagnosed dyslexia for most of her life, she was often scolded for her misspellings and writing errors. She remembers her papers being returned to her and being ridiculed for all her mistakes. This negativity surrounding her in school hurt her confidence, and she never thought she was capable of writing a book. However, Elson always enjoyed writing stories and sharing them with her family and friends.

Once she left school, she became an actress and started writing plays, which became the beginning of Elson’s career. Her debut novel, titled A Room Full of Chocolate, was inspired by her childhood and struggles with dyslexia. She also released another book, How to Fly With Broken Wings, which discusses overcoming obstacles and finding friendship in unlikely places. Elson loves animals and currently lives in the United Kingdom with her cats.

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