27-year-old Jordan Toma has a strong message for those, like himself, with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. He has struggled with the label of learning disabled all his life, inhibiting him to live up to his full potential. He felt as though he was not as smart as everyone else, and didn’t understand why he couldn’t pick up on material as easily as his classmates. He not only was hard on himself, but others called him “dumb” and looked down on him because of his learning disability. However, everything changed for Toma after he graduated high school in 2008 and was accepted into a program called Step Ahead at Centenary College. He started believing in himself and growing confidence, which has led him to be the success he is today. Now, working as a Financial Advisor at his own insurance business through Prudential, Toma is proof that anything is possible for those who believe in themselves.

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