Five Math Apps for Dyslexic Kids

Here are five IOS math apps that can help dyslexic children improve their reading, writing, and number crunching skills.

Dyslexia is a reading disorder that makes it difficult for children to read, recognize, spell, and write words or numbers, despite having normal intelligence. People often assume this is the result of an unwillingness to learn. In reality, the inability to read accurately is caused by a condition. While there's no cure for dyslexia, there are ways you to diminish its effects by assisting children with the disability at an early age, and allowing them to catch up with their peers. The following five apps are a great resources to help kids with dyslexia improve their math skills and comprehension.

  1. Math Pad is a useful equation-writing application that creates documents using a special keyboard. Math expressions are automatically written, re-sized, and aligned to fit on the screen. Similar to ModMath, this app is well-suited to dyslexic children who often have difficulty writing numbers on paper. The app also lets users print and email documents in PDF format. If necessary, the app can connect to a wireless keyboard. Math Pad is recommended for high school or college age kids.
    Availability: iOS devices, Price: Free
  2. Panther Math Paper is designed to aid people with "motoric disabilities" or other struggling learners. With Panther math paper, children will never need a paper and a pencil to do math problems. The app also comes with special settings to adjust it for everything from elementary school math to advanced math for high school and above.
    Availability: iOS devices, Price: $19.99
  3. Children will love Math Board an app that allows them to work math problems just as if they were trying them on a blackboard. Math Board is full of tests and drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. MThe app offers four options for the answer to a problem and a small scratch board area at the side of the screen to try the answer out. Fill-in questions without options are also featured so the user is not just guessing answers. Math Board's Problem Solver explains why an answer was incorrect. The app is good for children learning arithmetic and those who have acute writing and reading disabilities.
    Availability: iOS devices, Price: $4.99
  4. The Calculator—Free is special because it is feature-rich! A history tape saves all calculations that can be easily copied, forwarded, and opened with a few clicks. There are several ways you can view the calculator with all sorts of modes and skin options.
    Availability: iOS devices, Price: Free
  5. Talking Calculator Perhaps, all your child needs is a calculator that talks. The voiceover feature can be an immense help for dyslexic children who have difficulty reading and recognizing numbers. With colorful buttons and high contrast, kids will love Talking Calculator. The app developer also offers a talking scientific calculator for older children.
    Availability: iOS devices, Price: $1.99

Jillian Petrova is an experienced educator working with an online academic consultancy.