Fernette and Brock EideFernette and Brock Eide, husband and wife team, are generating a lot of talk about their book, The Dyslexic Advantage, in which they espouse the idea that there are many strengths that grow out of having a dyslexic brain. This dynamic duo’s thesis is that having dyslexia makes individuals especially good at imagining how processes will play out over time. They assert that dyslexic individuals also tend to be good at special reasoning, which helps them excel in the arts, interconnected reasoning, narrative reasoning, and reasoning well in dynamic settings with incomplete facts.

In other words, the Eides are telling the world that dyslexic individuals are not at a disadvantage at all, but rather have great reasoning and adaptation skills. For this reason, the couple says that the best thing you can do for individuals with dyslexia is to build on their strengths. Nurture and strengthen what they do right instead of focusing on what they can’t do well, so that their skills can grow and expand.

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(Image source: Wired.com)