For some people, legibility becomes a hindrance while writing notes or copying material down with pen and paper because they might have difficulty reading or writing the words. The switch to digital typing, with clean and precise lettering, has helped many of these people. But typing on a computer can still be time consuming and frustrating for those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Taking notes on a computer from a book to a word document, or any application, can become unproductive and make it difficult for some students to studying the material. 

The C-Pen digital highlighter was created with the intention to make note-taking both easier and quicker. This pen allows you to highlight any paper text and insert the highlighted material into any application open on your computer, like a word document or email box. That way your notes remain organized and legible. It also comes with text-to-speech abilities, so any text, whether you highlight it or not, can be read back to you. The C-Pen works on all paper documents, including newspapers, magazines, forms, and textbooks. 

To learn more about the C-Pen and its many applications check out their website.