Dog on a Log Book Series

Dog on a Log books are a systematic, decodable book series written for anyone learning to read with phonics including learners with dyslexia.

Author Pamela Brookes created this series of Orton Gillingham-style books to help her daughter, a dyslexic learner, learn to read. While attending her daughter's private tutoring sessions two to three times a week and also working extensively with her at home she came to understand the cadence and restrictions of systematic, progressive phonics. Pamela put on a child's imagination cap to create stories that would entertain and engage her daughter.

These fun and engaging books are perfect for both phonics readers and dyslexic learners, who can start anywhere in the series, according to reading level. They give kids a chance to practice towards mastery of newly learned phonics rules before introducing the next set of rules.

Learn more about Dog on a Log books at their website.

Free E-Book: Teaching a Struggling Reader

In this short booklet, Pamela Brookes shares some of the basic information she wishes she'd had when she was first trying to figure out how to help her child learn to read.

Teaching A Struggling Reader is filled with links to informational and product resources for parents or teachers. It is geared to people who want to educate themselves in the methods that are effective in teaching those with dyslexia.

It is available as a free resource on Amazon.


Image source: Dog on a Log