A recent study from the University of Toronto and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill reports that adults who have dyslexia are much more likely to report that they were physically abused before they turned 18 than their peers without dyslexia. In fact, a staggering thirty-five percent of adults with dyslexia report they were physically abused before they turned 18, when only seven percent of those without dyslexia gave the same report.

Dyslexia May Be Linked To Physical Abuse

​The direction of this association is still unknown. It is possible that learning disabilities such as dyslexia may place some children at relatively higher risk for physical abuse, perhaps due to adult frustrations with learning struggles. Alternatively, it could be that the experience of physical abuse may also contribute to or exacerbate learning problems.

​Here at DyslexiaHelp, we understand the dismays of this study, and would like to reiterate that every person with dyslexia has a high chance for success. We promote positivity and perseverance in light of the frustrations that dyslexia can bring, and encourage all readers to take a look at our resources. Furthermore, if you suspect that you or anyone you know is being physically abused, we urge you to contact the proper authorities and seek help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns you may have.

​You can read more about this study at ScienceDaily.