Phrases like “a school of fish” and “a mob of kangaroos” can be difficult to grasp for any reader, especially those with reading difficulties like dyslexia. Lars and Friends is an interactive story application which teaches young readers these collective nouns. Tailored to kids ages 3-9 years old, Lars and Friends teaches collective noun phrases through a story following the character Lars, a red horse who spends his day hopping from one group of animals to another. Each page of the story contains a ‘read aloud’ button, offering help to those who might want the text read aloud to them at first. Beyond the collective nouns addressed in the story, the application also has a ‘Learn’ feature, which contains a more extensive list of collective animal nouns, and a ‘Puzzle’ feature which utilizes a child’s spatial awareness to put together pictures of animal groups, like a herd of horses. These additional features are designed to teach students with different learning styles and abilities.

Visit the app’s website here to learn more about and browse through a gallery of the interactive storybook’s pages. Lars and Friends is available at the App store and through