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Dyslexic Children and Stressed Syllables

Dyslexic Children and Stressed Syllables

Spanish researchers further connect dyslexia with syllable stress awareness. Study suggests that instruction for students with dyslexia should include stress awareness strengthening.

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syllable stress awareness
The Games People Play, and Should!

The Games People Play,
and Should!

A Dyslexia Reflection from
Dr. Joanne Pierson

It is that time of year when many of us are buying gifts for our kids. And, while they may be asking for the latest Xbox game, we should not forget the wealth of non-electronic games that are out there and can promote language and literacy learning while having fun.

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Flying Under the Radar Part III, Letters to a Dyslexic, Dr. Michael Ryan

Flying Under the Radar Part III:
Letters to a Dyslexic

By Dr. Michael Ryan

Dr. Ryan offers four principles for young dyslexics to help them adjust their coping strategies to make them work in adult life.

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the Radar Part III
Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing classroom lessons so that they are advantageous to all learners. Its aim is to allow for a wide range of students to be supported and encouraged in developing enthusiasm for their studies.

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Dyslexia Success Story

Leana Greene
CEO, Entrepreneur, and Mom

Leana Greene, CEO of the world’s largest parenting video library, Kids in the House,
grew up thinking being different meant being less.

Teaching Phonemic Awareness Video

Teaching Phonemic
Awareness Video

Just like phonics skills, there is a developmental sequence to teaching phonological awareness skills. This video explains phonemic awareness and provides ideas for ways to promote your child's learning of this skill.

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Phonemic Awareness Video
Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Touch Dictionary

WordFlex Touch Dictionary is an iPad dictionary app with more than two million entries including definitions and their associated semantic "trees" of meanings and word associations.

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Wordflex Touch Dictionary

“Following a series of phone calls, doctors, examinations, meetings and discussions, I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seventeen. I had no idea what the term meant, but I remember feeling a brief moment of shame followed by a sense of calm and relief.”

—Shaun Sanders, dyslexic law student