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Does Vision Therapy Remediate Dyslexia?

Ask Dr. Pierson:
Does Vision Therapy Remediate Dyslexia?

My daughter is nine years old and in 4th grade. She has always had difficulty reading, spelling, and with memory in general. She was tested by her eye doctor and assessed as a candidate for vision therapy. We have been a little hesitant since it seems to be a new type of treatment.

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vison therapy and dyslexia

Writing IEP Goals

It is important to document a strength- and interest-based learning approach in the student’s IEP. This will lead to more continuity and success throughout the student’s academic career.

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What Does the
Dyslexic Person Feel?

Anxiety and anger are just a few of the emotional symptoms that may be experienced by those with dyslexia. Learn more about what dyslexics feel and how their experience can differ from people without the condition.

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Dyslexic Person Feel

Dyslexia Success Story

Zoe Wanamaker

In spite of difficulty reading scripts for early plays and performances, American-born actress Zoe Wanamaker has appeared in numerous films and television shows including Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and 11 seasons of the British sitcom My Family to name a few.

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5 Math Apps for Dyslexic Kids

5 Math Apps
for Dyslexic Kids

Here are five IOS math apps that can help dyslexic children improve their reading, writing, and number crunching skills.

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Dyslexia Myth or Fact?

Schools test children for dyslexia.

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