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MARCH 2016

Advice from a Parent

It is that time of year when parents and teachers are engaging in spring conferences. It benefits both sides of the table to come prepared to ask questions and air concerns. Here is one mother’s story about getting her daughter the services she deserved.


Ask Dr. Pierson: Daughter's Writing Challenges Not Being Met

I have a teen in 11th grade with an IEP whose school states that her "written expression disorder does not impact her access to the curriculum." They are recommending she take two senior years to graduate instead of giving her any writing program or direct help.

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Challenges Not Being Met

Special Education 101

Learn the steps you can take to be more comfortable identifying your child's specific needs in an educational setting.


Dyslexia Success Story

Dean Stalham

It was only through writing that Dean Stalham found his way out of the drug business and prison. His film Bueno Key, both written and directed by dyslexics, shows that positive change can happen for seemingly hopeless people.

6 iPad Apps to Help Students with Dyslexia

6 iPad Apps to Help
Students with Dyslexia

A number of iPad apps are helping people with dyslexia improve the process of learning. Take a look at these six programs particularly suited for students with dyslexia.

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for Your Student
Ready to Try an Independent School?

Ready to Try an
Independent School?

Ready for a school that specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities? Check our list of more than 100 independent schools around the U.S. and Canada.

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Schools Listing

From the Dyslexia Glossary

Procedural Safeguards

Available to parents of students with disabilities, this document outlines a student’s (and his/her parents’) rights with respect to the state regulations that govern special education. This document should be provided to parents at every annual IEP meeting.

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Procedural Safeguards
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Dyslexia Glossary