September–October 2021

DyslexiaHelp was designed more than a decade ago as an evidence-based dyslexia curriculum for those with dyslexia, parents, professionals, and educators. Our new home at the U-M School of Education supports that mission and provides many new opportunities for the future.

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You and your child's school staff form an important team for your child's academic achievement. Here are 15 tips to help you develop a strong, positive relationship with your child's teachers and support staff.

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Activities around reading and writing will be much more fun if you consider your child's interests when choosing material.

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A student with dyslexia in the general classroom may encounter various obstacles that hinder his/her academic potential. It is important for teachers, families, and students to have open communication about what specific accommodations are needed to ensure learning success.

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As a parent, you are entitled to play a major role in the educational planning process for your child with a language disability.

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Success Story: Robert Ballard

Dr. Robert Ballard, Deep Sea Explorer

Deep Sea Explorer

Dr. Robert Ballard is among the most accomplished of the world's deep-sea explorers, best known for his historic discovery of the R.M.S. Titanic shipwreck.

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This Capital Area District Library “CADL Cast” podcast features Dr. Pierson talking about dyslexia and DyslexiaHelp as part of the library’s efforts to highlight Dyslexia Awareness month.

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Debunking Dyslexia Myths

People with dyslexia see things backwards.

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