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Success Story: Henry Winkler

Say 'eeey' to Henry Winkler

Read about how the man who played The Fonz co-wrote 17 children's books inspired by his own struggles with dyslexia.

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Read2Go by Bookshare

Bookshare Releases Read2Go App to Help Dyslexic Students

Bookshare has released a new app called Read2Go that is a must-see resource for students with dyslexia! Read post...

Back-To-School Tip

Self-Advocacy and YOU!

Stay Organized & Manage Your Time

If you're dyslexic, it may take you longer to accomplish certain tasks. We offer some pointers that will help you manage your time well. Read more...

Emma Jefferies

Emma Jefferies: The Dyslexic Ph.D.

Dr. Emma Jefferies' series of videos catalogs the challenges she faced due to dyslexia while obtaining her PhD, and how she overcame them.
Watch now...

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