In succession to Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader introduces a child to Sight Words. The same approach of using interactive word puzzles found in Endless Alphabet is applied to the most common words children will come across in school and early children books. The application’s word puzzles help reinforce irregular spellings, while the interactive sentence puzzles reinforce meanings of Sight Words that might not be easily representable with picture aids—such as “up” and “the.” Just as in Endless Alphabet, as the child drags letters to their proper place in the word puzzles, the sound of the letter is repeatedly sung so the child can clearly understand the relationship between letters and their phonetic representations. This feature is extended to Endless Reader’s sentence puzzles, where the word being dragged is sung to reinforce the child’s ability to recognize the sight word.

Only some of the sight word puzzles are available without an internet connection, but once connected online, the application has sight words for every letter of the alphabet.

Endless Reader is available for both smartphones and tablets. Visit the AppStore or GooglePlay store to learn more.