A blend of Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader, Endless Wordplay is an application for young children that builds a spelling and word building foundation for the soon-to-be-reading students. The Endless Monsters are back, with their friend Alphabot, to guide children through the application’s levels and challenges that focus on specific letter phonics and word rhymes. Each lesson introduces a group of rhyming words, such as net/get/wet, that need to be assembled in the right letter order. As the child drags a letter to its proper place, the animated letter makes the phonetic sound associated with the letter. Once dropped in the correct position, the Endless Monsters or Alphabot will say the letter’s name so the child is exposed to both the letter’s name and phonetic value. When all three words are correctly assembled, the child watches an entertaining animation that explains the word meaning and usage of the three rhyming words.

Endless Wordplay is available at the AppStore for iPhone and iPad. Visit its developer’s website here to learn more about the other applications in the Endless series.