An interactive whiteboard application for your iPhone or iPad, Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard offers many different approaches to learning from videos, tutorials, how-tos, and even lessons which require user participation. This application, and the variety of learning it can accommodate, truly engages the user in the information. The app’s infinite canvas can be used as any kind of template, from an animated video to a trace-the-lines worksheet. All major document formats are supported by the application and can be uploaded for use. Users can annotate, draw or highlight in any color, copy and paste, and move any piece of an uploaded document. Users can then animate material on the canvas while recording any vocal notes they wish to have associated with the material. Videos and audio recordings, which can be helpful for students who have difficulties with pen-and-paper note taking, can be saved and exported into a variety of destinations such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and iMessage.

Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard is useful for students of any age. Students can practice tracing letters and words to improve their spelling and handwriting, or they can annotate and insert supplementary images directly onto an uploaded scholarly article. Teachers, too, can benefit from the application’s large selection of lesson format possibilities. From recording step-by-step solutions to math equations to creating a video outline of various scientific concepts.

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