Distraction Card Game

Distraction is a card game that helps players improve their working memory skills while having fun.

Working Memory is an essential skill for reading and learning. A child must learn how to decipher, retain, and combine letters into words in order to read smoothly and spell, and a strong working memory helps the child develop these skills.

Dyslexic children can have weak working memories, which contribute to their difficulties with piecing together letters and words into a fluid reading experience. There are many exercises and games that may help strengthen a child’s working memory; one fun game is “Distraction.” Players take turns drawing numbered cards, and must recite all previous drawn numbers in order to stay in the game—an exercise for their short-term memory. If a player draws a “Distraction” card, he or she must answer an unrelated question before trying to recite back the numbers. The more a child plays, the more he or she is strengthening working memory skills!

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