A relatively new feature for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone is text-to-speech software through VoiceReader. This application is $1.99 and uses more natural sounding voices. It allows the user to copy large amounts of text and to adjust the reading rate. This software is available in multiple languages.

Possible uses of VoiceReader text-to-speech software:

  • Read an attachment sent to your email.
  • Read anything on the Internet.
  • Read your favorite magazine or newspaper (online).
  • Follow written multi-step directions.
  • Edit your papers or presentations by rereading them along with text-to-speech software. This is especially helpful for catching spelling errors, omissions, and substitutions.
  • Improve your reading rate by silently reading along with text-to-speech.
  • Increase your reading comprehension by seeing and hearing the text.
  • Build up your vocabulary by decoding hard-to-pronounce words.
  • Practice your reading fluency for a presentation by chorally reading along with it.