If you’re considering purchasing one of these devices and aren’t sure which one would best meet your needs, here is some basic information to help you compare devices.


Combines: phone, music, AAC, camera, email, internet, calendar, books, GPS

  • Small, portable, compact, multi-purpose
  • Better for clients with good visual and fine motor skills
  • Requires monthly payment (for phone / internet use)
  • 3G internet included, no connection to WiFi
  • Settings/frequency of use: maximum
  • Battery life: dependent on phone use, likely shorter battery life compared to other iDevices

iPod Touch

  • Multi-purpose: All features of the iPhone without the phone, no monthly payment
  • WiFi connection needed for internet use
  • Best for clients with good visual and fine motor skills
  • Small, compact, portable, lightweight
  • Battery life: Can last 2 – 5 days (depending on use)
  • Settings/frequency of use: moderate


For clients with fine motor and or vision difficulties

  • Less portable / compact
  • New version has camera (limitation of older version)
  • Settings/frequency of use: minimal-moderate
  • Battery life: 10 – 12 hours (charge daily)