Dyslexics may have trouble learning a foreign language, which is challenging when foreign language is often a required component of school curricula.

DyslexiaHelp has received a number of inquiries from concerned parents regarding foreign language requirements for dyslexic children. For those students who are studying a foreign language, we’d like to bring attention to Ivy Guide, a new pen translator in the concept stage that may help make learning a foreign language easier.

Ivy Guide Pen Translator Makes Learning a Foreign Language Easier

Image source: Yanko Design


The Ivy Guide is easy to use and comes in two pieces. The first piece fits directly over a pen or pencil. When the user is reading and comes across an unknown word, he/she can underline it with the pen and Ivy Guide will instantly project a translation right onto the page.

The second piece is a USB dongle. The part that goes over the pen fits neatly into the USB piece for data transfer to and from a computer. This way, users can download new words or languages to the Ivy Guide. You can learn more about Ivy Guide over at Gajitz.

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