Technology has changed the way we think and even the way we read—we’ve seen this through interactive children’s books via tablets.

Anders Sandell was interested in catering this technology to older children, and so has created a new book app that is more appealing to an older age group.

The Jorgits

Image source: FastCompany


The book, entitled The Jörgits, features many pages of text-only, but also pages that allow readers to jump into an audiovisual adventure. Instead of visualizing your own picture to go along with the text, the app brings you into its own colorful world, creating a richer reading experience.

This interactive book could be a great option for those who struggle with reading because the audiovisual aspects of it help to keep the reader engaged and really get lost in the world of the story. The special features include allowing the reader to make music with fantastical soundscapes as well as explore interactive maps and diagrams.

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