When Sal Khan uploaded a few 15-minute tutoring lessons to YouTube in order to help his seventh-grade cousin with algebra, he never imagined that his videos would one day be viewed by over 4 million pupils.

After the initial uploads, Khan began receiving feedback about his videos from parents informing him that his videos were the only things that would help their students. In 2009, Khan decided to quit his job and devote his full-time efforts to the academy.

​Kahn’s goal is simple in theory, but revolutionary—“to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”.

Khan Academy Lessons a Huge Benefit to Students Worldwide

Image source: CNET

Khan, with the help of generous donations from Google and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, has uploaded 3,000 lessons. He has hired engineers and designers to develop a software platform that he hopes will change the way math is taught. Kahn’s approach is now being tested in American schools and millions of students around the world are benefitting from his videos.

​You can download a free iPad app that offers free access to the academy’s full library of lessons and read/watch more about Kahn’s initiative over at CNET.

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