Kids Read 2 Kids

Kids Read 2 Kids is a free online website founded by 3 young siblings - Jacob (15), Alana (17), and Reuben (11). They launched their website in June 2017 and have seen great success just in a few short months. Through their online website and YouTube channel, these phenomenal kids have come up with a creative way to help motivate other kids to read. The idea behind their project is that they record themselves reading books out loud so that other kids can follow along on their own. By doing this, they are able to engage with other kids their age and show them that reading can be enjoyable. These siblings all have reading challenges of their own, showing that they understand the struggles of a reading disability and are there to help. One of their main objectives is youth empowerment, encouraging other kids that they are capable of anything, no matter how challenging it may seem. In addition, the founders recognize the importance of reading for cognitive and learning development, but also understand that picking up a book can be a difficult and grueling task for those with learning disabilities. Their videos feature real kids with real voices, that read many beloved classics, chapter by chapter. Their overall goal is to give kids a resource to improve their reading skills as well as show that they are not alone.

Recently, Kids Read 2 Kids was entered in the Shorty Awards, a contest that honors the best of social media platforms that initiate positive social change. See their page on the official website here.

To see the full list of books that are available to view by Kids Read 2 Kids, check out this page.