Phonemic awareness, the ability to hear and decipher the sounds of our language, plays an essential role in learning how to read and spell. Dyslexics often have weakened phonemic awareness, which further complicates their difficulties associating sounds with their proper graphemes, or letters. Doing exercises to strengthen a dyslexic child’s phonemic awareness can help prevent them from falling behind in reading and writing in school.

Ladybird: I’m Ready for Phonics is an application for the iPhone and iPad that teaches the 44 sounds of the English language through 12 levels of interstellar travel. Each level takes the user to a different planet where they go through different sound blending and segmenting lessons. Upon correctly completing the lesson of each level, the user receives a star to add to their collection and unlocks the next level’s planet. Multiple users can have accounts on the app so their progress and star collection is saved. The application’s levels and lessons teach initial letter sounds first, then progresses to teach individual phoneme and grapheme relationships. Lessons include visuals of mouth placements for individual phoneme production, word scramble games, and like-word matching activities. The app even comes with a recording feature, so as a user orally practices their letters and phonemes, they can record their voice and have it played back to them.

Learn more about the Ladybird app at the AppStore.