Anki Flashcard ProgramAnki is an advanced flashcard program that makes any kind of studying or learning better tailored to fit your learning pace. The flashcard program supports more than just simple text. It is able to present images, audio, videos, and scientific markup as well, allowing Anki to quiz you in almost any field. Whether it’s studying for an exam, learning a language, or simply improving your memorization skills Anki’s program is able to help.

Anki ScreenAnki is more advanced that typical flashcard applications or softwares because it combines both active recall testing and spaced repetition with each deck you create. The program’s flashcards are designed to make you decide whether you know the answer or not before viewing the flip side of the card- then asks you how easy it was to recall the answer. You can select how soon you wish to be tested on that flashcard again based on how easy or hard it was to answer. That way you aren’t spending time flipping through material you already know and instead are presented with more challenging material until you grow confident with each card in that deck. Anki also gives you the option of typing in the answer instead of rigid recall of the answer, allowing you to work on spelling as well as recall.

Beyond creating your own decks, Anki lets you download shared decks so you have an endless supply of new and interesting decks to browse through and learn. By signing up for the free AnkiWeb service, you can browse and download any shared deck. AnkiWeb also synchronizes all of your devices with the Anki program on it so you can have access to all of your decks on any of your devices. Anki is available for both Windows and Mac, and AnkiWeb is available for all devices- iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and all Android smartphones and tablets.

Visit the Anki website to learn more about the advanced flashcard program and get started, or check out some instructional and demonstrative videos here.